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It’s a Question of Style! How to Choose Your Decorative Rug


Hop Deco team

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An indoor rug can enhance the allure of a room. Our designers reveal their advice and the latest design trends.

An Indoor Rug: Key Ingredient of a Finished Décor You know the drill: you accumulate inspirational photos in the hope that one day your house resembles one of those perfectly arranged interiors you dream about. But how can you make this dream a reality? The secret is often right under... your feet! Indeed, a well-chosen designer rug can transform your space. Let’s take a guided tour, room by room, to help you shop!

The Living Room

A well-dimensioned rug can delimit a living space in an open area.

It’s as essential here as it is in the whole house: you have to choose the right size! For living rooms and family rooms alike, the front legs of your furniture (at least) should rest on the rug, so that everything forms a coherent whole for the eyes of your guests.

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The Bedroom

Can’t find a rug big enough to cover the entire area? Opt for two rugs whose colors match well for a boho-chic look!

Here, we favor soft materials that will welcome our feet right out of bed. In order to make a decision about where to place the rug, rely on the outside legs of the bedside tables. Look for unity in distances, as you’ll want to create an attractive frame for showcasing the bed. And above all, don’t hesitate to layer the rugs! If they are similar or complimentary, one can manage to pleasantly delimit a small space – at the foot of the bed, for example.

The Nursery

For the baby’s room, it’s perfectly fine to layer different rugs with variable dimensions: comfort is assured during those hours of playtime!

The rug of a nursery is a living space in itself! This is where babies learn to crawl or, hopefully, fall asleep after a good stretch of being in the world! Choose soft materials that are easily washable. That’s why it’s better to trade the genuine sheepskin gifted by Grandma Suzanne for a synthetic fur that’s just as pretty... and will resist “accidents”!

The Entryway

Opting for cheaper rugs for the entryway means you can make changes according to the season: a practical and resistant rug in the winter and a colorful rug for the summer!

Mudrooms are popular these days! Mud-huh? A mudroom is simply an entrance to the house where you can throw on or off your boots, coats, hats, etc. without worrying about getting things too dirty on your way in or out. As we use it constantly, our entryway deserves some love! Dress it up with a rug that’s resistant and easy to maintain.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, place the rug in the center, away from food waste that might slip from the counter.

Does this sound familiar? A winter morning in February, feet frozen by the ceramic tiles. Who said the kitchen can’t have a touch of comfort too? Hunting down a few inexpensive rugs of good size means being able to vary your design according to the season, quickly metamorphosing the space. 

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Tips and Tricks

Don’t forget to use a rug pad to protect the fibre of your rug and secure it in place, and be sure to follow the merchant’s instructions for maintenance and washing, in order to keep it looking great for years to come!

In short, the key to success in dressing your space with a rug is to choose the right size, the best material, and the chicest style depending on the usage of the room and the floor space.

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