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Tips on how to organize your office at home


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Impossible to work from home?

Organization is the key to an effective home office design. Regardless of whether you live in a two-storey house or an apartment, there are ways to organize your home office without skimping on the aesthetic appeal! Here are 10 things to keep in mind.

Optimize your space

To keep your workplace tidy and avoid littering the house with bills, a filing cabinet is essential. Choose one with wheels! As well as being easy to move around, the cabinet can be used as an occasional table when needed.

If your office is not located in a well-lit room, invest in a desk lamp for use at the end of the day or on grey, overcast days. A swing arm desk lamp will allow you to adjust the light as needed.

Creative stair area

The open plan of the stairs has allowed to the homeowners in this house to manipulate with the space and to create a visually large and functional home office in a great style. This contemporary under stairs home office adapts perfectly in the chic and the modern setting of this open plan house.

Soft office integration

Integrate the office into the architecture of the available room. you can also integrate tablets and paint your walls same color as the gyps utilized, that will correspond to your area and give your office a pimp of elegance !

Redefine your kitchen area

Choose the perfect place for your kitchen work center. A dead space could be a good spot for an office. An empty wall, a table and a comfortable chair can do wonders.

Any space, regardless of its size, will provide you various design options. So does your kitchen. You dream about a home office but you don’t have enough space? I’m sure many of you believe it’s not a good idea to create an office space in your cooking area. The question is: why not? Most of the time I write in the kitchen and I really enjoy it!


Intelligent arrangement

To avoid backache, wrist pain and shoulder tension, seek information on work station ergonomics. It is recommended that your chair should be positioned so that your feet rest firmly on the floor, the mouse and keyboard should be on the same level and the screen should be positioned at eye-level.

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